Kew Kids for Kew Christmas Lights

There is a new initiative in Kew village this year to ensure that we can have some festive Christmas lights.

For the past 8 years the traders in Kew village have made very generous contributions to a fund which has been used to install Christmas lights in the village and put on the now well known ‘Kew Sparkle’.    Unfortunately, with rising costs and diminishing Council contributions it is becoming more and more difficult to raise the funds and so the traders are now looking for some support from the local community.

Many of the local schools are having a mufty day on Friday 28th November and they are being asked to contribute £1 each to the Christmas lights in the village.   In addition to this you will see that many of the shops have buckets with Kew Sparkle labels on them so that anyone who would like to contribute should easily be able to find a collection point.

The new lights for the village this year are costing just less that £7,000 and the contribution from the Council is £1,500.  The traders are very keen to still completely fund Kew Sparkle and put any excess funds towards the lights but if you would like to ensure that we can continue to make Kew special in the future as well as this year then please do find a white bucket and dig deep.

Also, if anyone feels they would like to help with Kew Sparkle or the lights in future then please just pop into The Shoe Station and introduce yourselves.

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There is a new initiative in Kew village this year to ensure that we can have some festive Christ[more]